The internet is a shared environment that can be partitioned in almost any way. More than that still, each visitor gets to choose the partitioning that satisfies his/her needs. We get to choose what to read and who to follow. We get to interact with these environments and the people that choose to be there. This is of great value to learn from others and to find opportunities to collaborate. I believe such opportunities will be augmented by further decentralization, for the following reasons.

Central control of data can and has conflicted with core values; owning your data, guaranteeing its continued reusability and transparency with regards to its usage. Decentralization provides an opportunity for fine-grained, personal control over data.

Central control of services means that offered features satisfy a mixed bag of interests, rather than the pure interests of their users. Decentralization means that feature selection and development is ultimately in the hands of the user.

Central hosting of services implies that the burden of hosting costs is on one party. This creates a barrier for useful services to be developed and motivates the party to serve its needs rather than the user. Decentralization can eliminate this barrier by using only the users’ resources.

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