Use Cases

Concurrent dataset authoring

Working on the same thing, but in an offline, eventually consistent manner:

  • Movie libraries (imdb, rotten-tomatoes)
  • Book libraries
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Source code
  • Wikipedia

Realtime collaborative document editing

Working on the same thing, but with realtime interaction

  • Google Xi
  • Pair programming

Social media

Your own dedicated output stream, any input streams of interest

  • Video distribution
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • News distribution
  • Reddit

Unclassified in the current scheme:

  • Shared environment fragmentation: games
  • Software sensor networks
  • Analytics?

Who can write? (one person, some persons with equal rights, everyone with some kind of review system?)

Who can read? (facebook/google+, sensor-network, corporate data)

Interaction: Real-time collaborative vs. eventually-consistent/concurrent

Topology: Hierarchical (filesystem), continuous/spatial

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